What's Standard

60 lbs Offset white

Made to fit

We offer standard white Sticky Note paper. Our Sticky Note paper is available in standered sizes 3x3 4x3 4x4 4x6

80 lbs Gloss

We are the only Sticky Note provider that produces glossy notes 4 color process 2 sides.

We are the only manufacturer of shiny Sticky Notes. We can print 4 colors  double-sided with variable glue position and strength. 

Any sizes up to 12.5 x 18.

Letter Shop Roll Notes


Yellow 3x3 Notes die cut in rolls 3,500 images per roll on 3" cores printed 4 color process with variable data option. 

Three day turn around! 

2 or 3 Part NCR Notes (carbon)


Used for mail room notices, courier door notes when you require a paper chase. Numbering also available. 

"If you can imagine it we can make it". 

High End Artistic Cubes


Art quality 4 color process side printing flat sheets A B collation available (alternate English, French message) used as special employee gifts or branding reinforcement. 

Redemption Coupon Notes


60 lbs offset 4 color fronts 1 color back with breakaway perf. 4"x6" placed on newspapers , magazines, mailboxes and apartment doors. Used to draw customers into stores. 

Collated Sticky Note Pads

Collated Sticky Note Pads


A different image on every page  Sample shown has 16 sheets with a Wrap-its  fold over cover

the cover is die cut  forming a popup image of hotel

normal size: 3"x3", 4"x3", or 4"x6"  

sheets count: 16 to 50 per pads

String Tags

String Tags

6" knot to hole using white cotton or elastic string
options available:   die cut and  Mylar reinforcing along the top
Sizes: 1" x 2" to 5" x 8"
stock: 12 pt card
multi panel are also available

Resealable Napkin Bands (BAND ITS by WIN)

Resealable Napkin Bands ( BAND ITS by WIN )

Dress Up Your Cutlery
Napkin size 1.5H x 4 1/8L 

add a coupon  7L
other sizes Available:
Sandwich (Burrito) Bands 2.75"x 3.075" with coupon 11.5L
Shirt Bands  1.25"x 19"
Belly Bands (newspapers) 3"x 26"
Toilet Seat Bands, Salad Bowls , Cookies, etc
White or Natural Kraft 60 lb
Max Width 36" 2 color or 34" 4 color  and  17" 4/1 color Resealable Napkin Bands (BAND ITS by WIN)